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Fonts employed: FrontFinal Frontier
Copperplate Gothic

Fonts employed: Reverse
Copperplate Gothic
Final Frontier
Copperplate Gothic
Helvetica Light

Helvetica Light

Terminator Two

Lucida Sans

Design Notes:


The "STARDUST" headline is made to be three dimensional, picking up more colors from the comet. A filter is applied to lend the appearance that the letters are carved of ice being backlit by the Sun, resulting in a cohesive, active and engaging composition. The headline is sized and placed such that it is bisected by the vertical solar spike running though the word "Page" centered directly below.
The pearl color of "Turning a Page in History" adds warmth consistent with the backlit effect, complementing the main headline colors directly above. The crossbar of the "T" in "Turning" has been raised, placing it on a level with the solar array glint, tying the spacecraft to it and forming a base upon which the word "STARDUST™" comfortably rests. The phrase is a slight bit shorter than the word above to balance the composition.


Varying shades of grey are used for the headline fonts to add emphasis, life and an accomplished quality to the single color side. The background emulates the appearance of polished titanium while the font colors add to the total effect. Only the small body copy, held off from the patch by approximately 3/8", is solid black for clarity.
Here, Terminator Two in a deep grey was chosen for the main headline for its fresh, modern, technical quality. It is well complemented by Lucida Sans, a clear, easy to read font exhibiting a slight italic that flows well under the eyes.
The URL and credit line are in Helvetica Light, used extensively by NASA for its clean readability while Copperplate Gothic echoes the subtitle on the front.

These layouts show trimmed size. When the page description file to be sent to the printer is generated in Pagemaker or Quark, the image should be sized to be 1/8" larger from top to bottom to allow for a 1/16" bleed trim all around after printing to the finish size of 8 1/2" x 1 3/4". The image should be resampled from the working TIFF, to size, at twice the output DPI for clarity. i.e.: If the output DPI on-press is a 150 line screen, the image should be resampled to the raw printed size, before trim, at 300 DPI. The printer's ink specifications and dot gain will need to be known to generate a proper CMYK conversion, or we can supply the file properly sized as RGB and let them convert prior to ripping the film seps. Film proofs should be generated and approved prior to going on press.

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