The STARDUST Panoramas
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"In The Thick Of It"
The Ultimate Guides to Cropping

    Please use these images as a guide when resampling the working TIFF found on the server.

    The STARDUST Panoramas are designed and executed so as to be very versatile in their application. The original files contain ample resolution to cover many size requirements and many images may be obtained from each of them.

    Each of the following crops are full height, trimming only from the length to arrive at pleasing aspect ratios for various reproduction sizes. Displayed here at a constant width, each grows vertically according to the resultant aspect ratio derived from the crop.

    Wherever possible, it is to be preferred that the full frame panoramic image be used to more fully convey the immense vastness of space and to show the spacecraft negotiating the hazardous yet beautiful environment in which it will be conducting its mission. With each successive crop, the image loses more and more of its impact and sense of place. Please use the crops sparingly.

    Care should be taken to not flip or flop the image which would render it mission incorrect, nor to rotate it by 90° CW or 180° which inverts the spacecraft and may render it in a manner difficult to read.

"Encounter ~ The Final Trim"
"Headin' Home"

Full Frame: 5 x 1 aspect ratio.

Cropping Guide:

Medium: 4.1 x 1 aspect ratio. Trimmed only at left end.

Close: 2.9 x 1 aspect ratio. Tail trimmed by nearly half; retaining Wild-2 streamers.

Tight: 1.9 x 1 aspect ratio. Tight on comet nucleus and tighter on spacecraft. Loses much of the SC path.

Web: 5 x 1 aspect ratio. Full Frame. Properly sized for display on 640x480 resolution monitors.

Spacecraft Only: 1.25 x 1 aspect ratio.

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