Photographs That
Haven't Been Taken
Peninsula at Peace - The Arabian Peninsula and Mediterranean viewed from space



Space & Astronomical Art




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The Tholian Rings
If you watched the Original Voyage,
you'll know.
Space Art
Space Art
The Hunt
The international contingent to first visit Comet Halley.
Space Art
The Third Airborne Tank Division

Cover image for Sybron Corporation.
Some of these rotomolded tanks are HUGE!
Arrakis - Dune
Desert Planet. Home of the Fremen.
Space Art
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Space Art
Space Art
Space Art
Space Art
The Ushers' Pieces
I was married in a planetarium.
Seemed the appropriate gift.
Crossing Orbits
A comet on collision course with primordial Earth, chauffeuring the building blocks of life encased in its icy core.
Space Art Space Art
Tomorrow is Yesterday ~ Watercolor
Star Trek Original Voyage Episode 21
U. S. Open
Cover image for CBS Sports and
The United States Tennis Association
U. S. Open Tournament.
Space Art
Space Art Untitled
Commission for Gentex Corporation, builders of high impact safety helmets for the United States Armed Forces and NASA.