“Other Worlds”
Searching for Extrasolar Planets
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on Detecting Planets Circling Other Stars

Sky & Telescope April Cover
A Water Planet
A Water Planet Seen from one of its Ice Moons

In Orbit
Accretion Park
In Orbit Over a Partially Submerged Impact Crater

On the Surface
First Glow of a A New Horizon
On the Surface at the Shore of an Alien Ocean

An Element of

The Search for Extrasolar Planets Heats Up

Astronomers have found stars near to us that appear to "wobble" when observed for extended periods of time. It has long been thought that these motions of the stars against the more distand background stars is caused by the gravitational effects of planets in orbit around them. The search for these stars and the eventual detection of orbiting bodies is gaining new ground with three recent discoveries of stars relatively close to our Sun that exhibit this periodic wobble. These stars are close enough to us that supporting evidence may be gathered to rule out other forces that may cause the motion.



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