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The Shot Seen 'Round the World
Golf on the Moon!
A canvas tryptich documenting the greatest golf shot ever as never before.
The Shot Seen 'Round the World
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Who said science isn't fun?

Alan Shepard Digs Out of the Largest Sand Trap Ever.

Commissioned by a noted patron, whose collection documents the Apollo Program in paintings of significant events, this work is but one of a tryptich showing the most significant golf shot ever made. A year in research and another year producing the canvas paintings, these images capture the event from the positon of the video camera, where no high resolution photography was ever taken. Painstaking reconsctruction of the site, its craters and the equipment deployed by the Astronouts during their stay, complete the environment; seen as if you were there on the surface with Al and Ed watching the divot fly as far as the ball!

The second of the paintings shows the ball in flight accompanied by a fleet of rocks and dust. The third in the series, shown at right, is the ball complete with its printing, resting in the bottom of the crater it made upon landing, topped by a tiny mountain of moon dust that followed it in.

The Shot Seen 'Round the World

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