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Golden Eagle
Craig Wilson, a sculptor friend of mine, creates in welded steel the most wonderful predatory birds. He was having a birthday and I couldn't think of what to get him, sooo...

 Space Art
So Near, Yet So Far
The falls at neap tide,
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park,
Big Sur, California.
Space Art
Wildlife Art
Rash a'la Rouge
The Fall cloak of poison oak.
Wildlife Art
Arctic Tern
One of God's most accomplished aviators.

Winter's Advance
 Wildlife Art The first show rolls off the Teton Range and bears down on a solitary sentinel.
 Wildlife Art Homestead
The Teton Range for your back yard.
What more could one ask?


 Wildlife Art  Wildlife Art
Taking Wing

A Bald Eagle spies what may be dinner in the stream below.

September's Gold
 Wildlife Art

Aspens in the afternoon sun.

 Wildlife Art

Storm Front

A harbinger of things to come.

Rest Stop
Hiking the Muddy River Canyon

 Wildlife Art
 Wildlife Art
St. Helens Sleeps

...for the time being.

Wildlife Art

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