Peninsula at Peace - The Arabian Peninsula and Mediterranean viewed from space



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Photographs That
Haven't Been Taken


The Origin of Meteorites
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A beautiful 26 foot mural commissioned by Chabot Space & Science Center depicting the wonders of the Universe where the different classes of meteors have originated. The image came into being in the machine as a digital painting. It was then painted by hand in acrylics on a 4' x 26' foot canvas for mounting at the Observatory in Oakland, California.
Coke Float
Commissioned by the Coca-Cola Corporation for the Cover of "Refresher" Magazine and a Commemorative Poster
Coca-Cola Space Art


That which has gone before and that which shall come after, reflected for a fleeting moment in an Astronaut's visor at the close of the
final EVA.

    Workers Tending the Queen
    The recovery of STS-9 - Columbia / Spacelab One
    at Edwards Air Force Base.


    This painting resides in the NASA/Smithsonian
    Fine Art Collection.

Miles To Go
Before I Sleep

Keeping a date with the Recovery Convoy.

This painting resides in the NASA/Smithsonian
Fine Art Collection.
Voted one of the
50 Greatest
Album Covers

You know it's going to be one of those days when you wake up in the morning and...

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A New Ocean
A commissioned original for the MOOG Corporation, suppliers of the Space Shuttle hydraulic systems.
Shuttle in Orbit Space Art Space Art
Arrakis - Dune

Wrap-around Brochure Cover for MOOG Corporation
Study in Black&White Pan Am Space Art Commission for Pan American Airlines Print Advertisement
U. S. Open
Cover Image for CBS Sports and
The United States Tennis Association
U. S. Open Tournament
Space Art
Space Art
The Tholian Rings

Wrap-around Brochure Cover Illustrating Token Ring Technology
Space Art
The Third Airborne Tank Division

Cover Image for Sybron Corporation Rotomolded Tanks Catalog
Stetson's Last Stand at Little Big Hat
If René Magritte had been born in America?
A commissioned poster for IBM Corporation
Space Art
Space Art Untitled
Commission for Gentex Corporation, builders of high impact safety helmets for the United States Armed Forces and NASA.
Space Art
Forty Two Satellites - No Waiting!
Commissioned by Allied Signal, this image shows all of the birds that they have provided systems for.
Space Art Geosynchronicity
A commission for the RCA Corporation Ad Series:
Who Did What? showing communications satellites constructed for other companies. The new ACTS satellite commands center stage.
Sentry of the High Ground
Block-D Land-looker for the RCA Who Did What? Series
Space Art

Near-polar Orbit NOAA Weather Satellite for the RCA Who Did What? Series

Space Art