Peninsula at Peace - The Arabian Peninsula and Mediterranean viewed from space



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Homeward BoundOutward Bound
Outward Bound
Homeward Bound

Perhaps one day this will become a common occurrence.
Cruising Trimaran

A very dear friend's trimaran, it's aft cabin lights aglow, close hauled on the solar wind of Zeta Orionis on their way to the Horsehead Nebula.

Space Art
Peninsula at Peace

Book Cover for
"The New World Order"
Voted one of the
50 Greatest
Album Covers!
I got a Gold Record!
Space ArtNemesis
CD Cover, liner notes, posters &
promos for the Public Enemy CD:
Fear of a Black Planet

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Space Art
Arrakis - Dune
Desert Planet.
Home of the Fremen.
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Space Art
The Hunt
The international contingent to
first visit Comet Halley.
 Space Art
This Atom Earth
An homage to the film of a similar name; drawing perspective on our place in the Universe.
Space ArtThis work was executed in neutral grey pigments in order to explore the realm of painting in value alone, exclusive of color, to obtain the rich depth of that found in black and white photography.
Space ArtPelagia
Cover of Science 85 Magazine and opener for the cover story: Other Worlds on the formation of, and search for, extrasolar planets and planetary systems.

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Space Art
Accretion Park
A glorious view from the observation lounge looking down upon Imperial Earth's most favored tourist attraction.

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Space Art
Space Art
Space Art
Space Art
The Ushers Pieces
I was married in a planetarium.
Seemed the appropriate gift.
Space Art
Crossing Orbits
A comet on collision course with primordial Earth, chauffeuring the building blocks of life encased in its icy core.

Space Art

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