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Space & Astronomical Art



Photographs That
Haven't Been Taken


Captured with 35mm, 4"x5", and 8"x10" camera,
these are some of my most popular shots.
Full size images are accessible through title or thumbnail.
T-minus 10 hours, 43 minutes and counting...
Just prior to RSS Rollback, a highly energetic electric storm sweeps the Cape, striking the pad while my shutter was open - three times! Multiple ground and cloud-to-cloud discharges provide a fitting backdrop to the already charged pre-launch atmosphere.
Space Art
RSS Rollback
T-minus 8 hours and counting...
With the storm now past and twilight gathering, the Rotating Service Structure is moved into launch position, exposing the orbiter for the first time since arrival at the pad.
Space Art
Glistening in the Searchlight Space Art
A passing shower fills a depression in the crawlerway, providing a reflecting pool during one of my visits to the pad on the evening of launch.
First Approach
STS-9 Columbia-SpaceLab One
at rest on Rogers Dry Lake, Edwards Air Force Base, California.
Space Art Space Art
Form Following Function

Decidedly a kinetic sculpture.
The Rudder/Speed Brake shown in relaxed position.
Space Art Recovery in Progress
The Recovery Crew working close to the timeline. Engineers and technicians swarm over, inside and under the orbiter documenting its post-flight status and preparing her for tow.
Space Art The Thrust of the Matter
The Space Shuttle Main Engines;
genuine engineering works of art - with a punch!

Space Art Heading for the MDD
A far, far cry from the speed she is used to, the orbiter begins the long, slow and careful journey to the Mate/De-mate Device.
Hanging Out With the Guys
Gripped firmly in the Mate/De-mate Device, the orbiter is safed, stowed, tested, powered down, hoisted into the air and mounted on the spine of the Shuttle Transport Aircraft for the ferry flight to Kennedy Space Center.
Space Art
TrukStop Space Art
Just park it at the curb,
Fill'er up with JP-4 would'ja ?
So Near, Yet So Far
The falls at neap tide,
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park,
Big Sur, California.
Space Art Space Art
Rash à la Rouge
The Fall cloak of poison oak.
Space Art

The forty six foot racing trimaran in a small cove just after we washed her (and ourselves) following a very grueling but successful race. I'm on my tiptoes, water up to my chin & out about as far as I could get without giving the camera a bath too.
Space Art Napali
Lorena Del Campo, a friend and metalsmith living in Big Sur, produces the finest jewelry I have had the pleasure of photographing.
Space Art Adam and Eve
Hans Apelqvist, crafts the most mystical hand-hammered gold and silver boxes I have ever seen. Many, like this one, have crystal geometric shapes as a lid or crown.