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The Origin of Meteorites
A beautiful 26 foot canvas mural depicting the wonders of the Universe where the different classes of meteorites found on Earth began their journey.
The sun glint preceeds you,
sparkling on the Pacific overhead,
as you begin another "day" in space.
Very popular in the Astronaut Office, this image has become a tribute to the program ended all too soon.

A New Ocean
Marstropolis - Dawn

Marstropolis - Sunrise

First Flight Of The Day


To Go and Learn...

A New Horizon

Peak Performance

Rocky Mountain High
A mile closer to space.

Rocky Mountain High Panorama

Deep Ocean Panorama
Home Sphere Home
A Dyson Sphere made from solar system parts begins to take shape around the parent star.
Earth - The Ride

The Shot Seen
'Round the World

The most famous golf shot of all time captured in great detail in paint on canvas from the position of the low resolution TV camera; the only record of this momentous event. Over a year of research went into the creation of this painting.

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  Alan Shepard Golfs During Apollo 14

What Planets There May Be
Imaging Extrasolar Planets
for Sky & Telescope

Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet CD Cover.
Voted one of the 50 Greatest Album Covers! 

To See With New Eyes
The Chandra X-ray Observatory
for Sky & Telescope Magazine

That which has gone before and that which shall come after, reflected for a fleeting moment in an Astronaut's visor at the close of the final EVA.

Out Takin' Five

You are a Mission Specialist taking part in the care and feeding of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Arrakis - Dune
Desert Planet. Home of the Fremen.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...
To fly is to live. All else is merely waiting.

S T A R D U S T |
Encounter ~
The Final Trim

2004: The STARDUST spacecraft prepares to enter the coma of Comet Wild-2 and return samples to Earth.

In The Thick Of It
Now at closest approach to the nucleus, the spacecraft is pummeled by particles as it speeds past at 13,000 miles per hour.

Headin' Home
Mission Success! Severely pummeled but triumphantly intact, the spacecraft has now passed out of danger. Its Whipple Shields bearing the scars of battle can be easily seen as the spacecraft sails on toward home.

The STARDUST Panorama Triptych
All three Mission Panormas on one sheet.

Golden Eagle
Craig Wilson, a sculptor friend of mine, creates in welded steel the most wonderful predatory birds.
He was having a birthday and I couldn't think of what to get him, sooo...

Stetson's Last Stand at Little Big Hat
If René Magritte had been born in America?

Study in Black&White
This work was executed in neutral grey pigments in order to explore the realm of painting in value alone, exclusive of color, to obtain the rich depth of that found in black and white photography.

A water planet orbiting a distant star, its family of moons, and evidence in the distance of something large once passing this way.

Acretion Park
A glorious view from the observation lounge looking down upon Imperial Earth's favored tourist attraction.

This Atom Earth
An homage to the film of a similar name; drawing perspective on our place in the Universe.

The Cover of  James A. Michener's Novel.

Coke Float

Commemorating the flight of the first Space Can, a micro-gravity carbonated beverage dispenser developed for NASA by the Coca-Cola Corporation.

Outward Bound
Homeward Bound

Perhaps one day this will become a common occurrence.

A very dear friend's trimaran, it's aft cabin lights aglow, close hauled on the solar wind of Zeta Orionis on their way to the Horsehead Nebula.

The Orient Express
New York to Hong Kong for lunch,
back in time for dinner.

Twilight's First Gleaming
Sunrise on orbit -
sixteen of them a day.
From a description by United States Astronaut (Ret.) Joseph P. Allen.

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