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Photographs That
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Going to Mars by Way of its Moons
Working on Deimos
A scientific laboratory nestled in a crater on the North Pole of Deimos, Mars' second moon, is in perfect position to observe and launch missions to The Red Planet.
Scientific American Magazine.
Mars Space Art
Observing Our Star
The Solar B Observatory
A joint project of JAXA, NAOJ, NASA, Lockheed Martin, SAO and PPARC, Solar B studies our star at the highest resolutions in multiple wavelenghts.
Solar B Spacecraft
The Chandra X-ray Observatory
To See With New Eyes
Today's most powerful, high resolution
x-ray imaging telescope.
Sky & Telescope Magazine.

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X-Ray Telescope
The STARDUST Comet Sample Return Mission
In History's Way
The STARDUST spacecraft makes final adjustments and braces for impact as Comet Wild-2, carrying information dating from the formation of our solar system, overtakes rapidly from behind.
Scientific American Magazine.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Mission Art
The STARDUST Panoramas
Mission Art created for NASA and CalTech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Mission Art Encounter ~ The Final Trim
2004: After its five year journey, the STARDUST spacecraft prepares to enter the coma of Comet Wild-2 and return the first samples to Earth.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Mission Art In The Thick Of It
Now deep inside the comet's coma at closest approach to the nucleus, the spacecraft is pummeled by particles as it speeds past at 13,000 miles per hour.   Get a Print!
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Mission Art Headin' Home
Mission Success! Severely pummeled but triumphantly intact, the spacecraft has now passed out of danger. Its Whipple Shields bearing the scars of battle can be easily seen as the spacecraft sails on toward home.   Get a Print!
The STARDUST QuickTime Virtual Reality
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Mission Art
The QuickTimeVR made from the STARDUST Panoramas.


This a life-sized 3D model of an island city on a terraformed Mars.
Let there be flying cars...

Marstropolis Dawn
Marstropolis Sunrise
First Flight
First Flight of the Day

You've awakened after a long journey and looked out of the port.

To Go And Learn
To Go And Learn

Dyson Sphere
Home Sphere Home
An advanced civilization encases their feeble star by diamantling the Solar System in order to capture as much energy as possible.