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A few shots of yours truly, doing what I like most.
My Second-Favorite Hat
The Snoopy Cap.
Just the thing for a bad hair day
...if you weren't having one before you put it on.

My Favorite Suit
It's been said that clothes make the man...

My Favorite Chair
Be Careful What You Wish For

Sometimes you find yourself in the strangest places
- grinning beyond all belief.

The Right Seat
Discovery by Panel-light

As you can tell, I'm not happy about this.

My Favorite Aircraft
Perfect for that quick trip down to the studio.
Comfy, veerrrrry comfy.

Yes, that's me. After a great three day shoot with
the USAF Thunderbirds, I almost missed this plum -
sitting right in front of me. I invested all of the rolls of film I had left to be certain that I got this shot.
Naturally, 3/4 of them were perfect!

Visions of Flight
"Workers Tending the Queen" (and her proud Dad) on her first NASA/Smithsonian International
Travelling Exhibit.

Waiting for Columbia
Al McAdams, my colleague on my first ground crew assignment, put us both into his painting of the landing of STS-9.


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