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 Space Art
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...
To fly is to live. All else is merely waiting.
This painting resides in the NASA/Smithsonian Fine Art Collection.

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 Space Art
This Atom Earth
An homage to the film of a similar name; drawing perspective on our place in the Universe.
 Space Art
The Orient Express

New York to Hong Kong for lunch, back in time for dinner.
Space Art
Forty Two Satellites - No Waiting!
Commissioned by Allied Signal, this image shows all of the birds that they have provided systems for.
Space ArtThis work was executed in neutral grey pigments in order to explore the realm of painting in value alone, exclusive of color, to obtain the rich depth of that found in black and white photography.
Space Art
A commission for RCA Corporation showing communications satellites constructed for other companies. The new ACTS satellite commands center stage.
Space Art
Accretion Park
A glorious view from the observation lounge looking down upon Imperial Earth's most favored tourist attraction.

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Space Art
The New Colonists

Design study for STS ET recycling facility.
Space Art

Lasers; the new scalpels.
Space Art

Forward Swept Wing X-29A

Taking maneuverability to new heights.
Space Art
Sentry of the High Ground
Block-D land-looker on patrol.
Space ArtTiros-M
Near-polar orbit NOAA weather satellite.
Space Art
Golden Eagle
Craig Wilson, a sculptor friend of mine, creates in welded steel the most wonderful predatory birds.
He was having a birthday and I couldn't think of what to get him, sooo...
Space Art
Free Lunch
A theory on the formation of the Universe in that, as the energy plasma cooled by expansion, matter simply condensed out of it providing all of this stuff!
For the "Science 85" Cover Story on Extrasolar Planets
Space Art
The Gravity of the Situation
A two-dimensional representation
of a three-dimensional representation
of a fourth dimensional entity.
For the "Science 85" Cover Story on Extrasolar Planets

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